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i will leave here an important information about feauturing shows, changes in my shedule or just my own thoughts and fantasies that i would like to share with you ^__^

hey hey ^__^ Date: Jul 16th @ 1:36am EDT
who wud u like 2 b? Date: Apr 23rd @ 1:40am EDT
If i cud b a character in any book who wud i choose 2 b? hm, i was thinking about this question 4 half an hour before an ideal answer came in my head ) the book must be my own biography ) cause i really like 2 b myself and i am proud of who i am, and i wish u 2 feel the same about urself, u r wonderful 4 sure :*
my favorite music band Date: Apr 20th @ 1:34am EDT
hey, guys! today's topic is my favourite music. i cannot pick out just one music band or a single musician as my favourite one, cause i listen 2 such a different music genres, it wud b very stupid 2 compare them ) but, ofcourse i prefer rock ) on this week i am in love with FFDP, Ozzy and Eric Clapton and what music do u like? )
super hero power Date: Apr 16th @ 12:51am EDT
if u cud have any special power, what super hero power wud u choose? i wish i cud slow the time down or even stop it, also it cud b cool if i cud travel through the time and the reality, so i cud meet some gr8 people who lived in the past! i wud love 2 smoke some weed with young Kurt Cobain!)
10,000 dollars Date: Apr 14th @ 12:46am EDT
someone asked me 2day, what wud i do with 10,000 dollars. well, this is a lot, so i wud definitely spend some on traveling around the world, cause there is so many beautiful and interesting places i wud love 2 visit! also i'll buy myself a lot of different acoustic guitars. i have already one so what 4 i need other guitars u will ask me? well, i have 10,000 dollars, why not?))
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